garnet and Swarovski crystals memory wire bracelet in open gift box

A collection of handmade bracelets designed to suit all tastes - easy on and off wrap around and stretch bracelets, easy wear slider bracelets and bracelets with various styles of clasp fastenings. Most of the bracelets that are not one size are adjustable so the bracelet can be adjusted to suit your wrist. Each product description lists the components used to make the jewellery item however every piece of jewellery will include a genuine gemstone(s) and some of the designs may be a one-of-a-kind. All bracelets shown are in stock, are delivered free within the UK, are gift boxed and come with a 30 day return policy.


If you buy a bracelet online, you may wonder if it will fit properly. Wrap around memory wire bracelets and stretch bracelets have no clasp and are basically one-size bracelets. I measure all other bracelets by their inner circumference rather than their length. This is because the size of beads used to make the bracelet has an effect on the inner circumference i.e. small beads leave more space and large beads leave less space for your wrist to fit into. By measuring the inner circumference, you will have a better idea of fit.

To measure for inner circumference, wrap a flexible measuring tape around your wrist keeping it close to your skin (but not too tight). You then need to add more length to this wrist measurement so the bracelet sits comfortably on your wrist and fastens easily. The average length to add tends to be around 1.5cm, however, this will vary based on how tight or how loose you like to wear your bracelets. Once you have added your preferred additional length, you simply look for the inner circumference closest to this total. Let’s say you have a wrist measurement of 16.5cm and you wish to add 1.5cm giving you a total measurement of 18cm. You should therefore choose a bracelet with an inner circumference close to 18 cm.